How To Fix Shower Leaks in Your Bathroom?


Home plumbing maintenance is one of the most neglected things. Once plumbing damage is done, chances are you’d have to spill a lot of cash from your pocket while getting it fixed. One of such damages is shower leaks behind the walls of your bathroom. It doesn’t affect just the shower functionality; it damages the wall integrity, which can be dangerous.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic of finding a shower leak behind your bathroom walls and fixing it before it causes real damage to your wall:

How to detect a shower leak?

Finding internal water leaks can be a challenging task and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Unless you have an educated mind about basic plumbing and water pipes, it is complicated to find an internal water leakage. In this post, you will get to know how to find and fix an internal shower water leakage. If the water pressure in your shower is relatively lesser than other taps or other bathroom’s shower, you can count on an internal leak.

Another way to discover a shower leak is an alleviation. If your bathroom is on the first floor and the ground floor’s ceiling is showing water strains, water is getting leaked through the walls.

How to find the main leakage point?

Now that you have established that there is a shower internal water leakage taking place in your bathroom, the next step is to find precisely where the problem is getting originated from. For this, you will have to remove the wall tiles of the opposite wall. Some bathroom walls have detachable tiles which make it easy to discover the point of leakage. If your house doesn’t come with this facility, you will have to make a small cut in through the wall and check out the water pipes behind it. You shouldn’t let the leak go unfixed because the entire wall could get damaged.

How to fix the shower leakage?

Once the inspection window is made through the drywall, you’ll have to look for the signs of water leakage. To do so, turn on the shower and let the water flow. Now, go to the window which you have just made in the drywall and wait for the water to come down. You will find the source of internal leakage through the inspection window. If the leak is not dominant enough, you may want to grab a flashlight and inspect further.

If the primary source is the arm of your bathroom’s shower, the fix is not that difficult. You need to take out the shower arm after cutting off the water supply and make the amendments. Look for the possible holes in the shower arm and fix it/them with a waterproof metal adhesive solution.

Once the arm is fixed, reassemble it with the shower and screw the pipes carefully. Let the adhesive dry for some time and then turn on the shower.

Final Step

Once the pressure is restored, cover up the inspection window with tiles and plumbing putty. However, if these steps are not helping you with the internal leakage, you should call a professional like and get the work done correctly. By taking the help of a professional plumbing company, you’d be saving your bathroom’s wall integrity and looks.

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