Make Your Moving Day A Success With These PRO Tips

Moving tips

If you really think about it, there is no way you can have a reckless or super smooth moving day. You may think that you have covered it all, but there’s always a couple of roadblocks which can give you a lot of trouble.

You can lose the track of time and miss the most optimal time to move, you can also forget packing tapes, anything can happen. However, we have come up with this great set of pro tips which are articulated by

Make a To-Do List for Your Entire Packing and Moving Process

The moving day usually turns into a frustrating day when you have to pack up and load up all of your belongings and then, unpack them at your new place. For a person who is not a frequent mover, this process can take out a lot of unwanted efforts from him. It is advised from the professional movers to make a “To-Do” list as early as possible.

You can make it on your smartphone, which is always with you in case you need to revise it. Put everything – from packing all the house to loading the boxes, and even unpacking. Don’t miss anything.

Take Rest The Day Before

The moving day takes out a lot of efforts from you. It is necessary not to be tired and out of your game that day. According to the professionals, it is absolutely necessary to take rest the day before moving day. Go to the bed early and wake up early on the day of moving. Revise your “To Do” List for the last time and check out if everything is panning out according to your plan or not.

This step is extremely important here. Without a clear mind, you will definitely miss to pack something up, or you might have difficulties in properly executing the moving plans.

Ready All The Boxes Before The Truck Shows Up

It is recommended and highly advised that you can be ready with all of your packed boxes before the moving truck arrives. Set up a time with them so that the movers don’t have to wait for you to finish up packing on the very last day. It sends the wrong message.

Also, the movers might just charge extra for the waiting time. Moving process is already expensive and this extra bill is only going to make your mood even worse.

Extra Care for Your Kids and Pets

A house, which is being packed, is a dangerous place for kids and pets. The floor gets dirty and sharp objects lying around are the real threat for your little ones. With all the plastic and tapes around, your little ones can get themselves trapped – no matter how cute you think this might be, it’s dangerous.

You can keep your kids at a daycare or hire a baby sitter for one day who will take care of your kids. For pets, you need to tie them up for the time being. Even if you don’t like your pet tied, it is for their own good.


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